Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remembering Raven

It has been a year since Raven went to wait by the Rainbow Bridge. To see her go from a vibrant and sassy girl to a bag of bones in the matter of a day was heart wrenching. She was so weak her legs couldn't hold her body up and she had always been a heavy weight girl that I struggled to lift, now seemed to only weigh about 10 pounds. To end her suffering was a very hard decision.

Formally named Diana, That Spencer Girl after Princess Diana. The weekend we received Raven from her breeder was the same weekend Princess Diana passed away and I loved the descriptions of a princess with a sassy attitude that refused to give in to the rules of royalty and even though she became part of the royal family, continued to do things her own way.

I miss Ravens antics and Scottie-isms. The click of her paws on the wood floors. Her means of communication...if only she could talk. Her grunts, quarrels, nudges and stares and most of all her snuggles. I remember Bradley use to get so frustrated because Raven was MY dog. It didn't matter how much Bradley played with Raven or how much care she provided, I could walk in the room and it was over, my dog would come running to me.

After she was gone, Bradley and I found comfort in other scotties we found on the internet. We have met social Scotties: Angus Fala and Ainsley, Rebus and Isla, and Ruffles. There's also Harry and Lola, Boone and Kenzie, just recently we met Jett and Diesel, and of course, thanks to Ann at the Scottish Terrior News for keeping us all up today on any scottie news.

All of you have all been a tremendous comfort to Bradley and myself during this very lonely year in our life. Thank you for being open and sharing your Scottie lives with us. Soon we hope to have a new Scottie to share with you all.

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