Saturday, September 6, 2008

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God Won't Vote This Year
by Dave Zanotti


In America, we each have the right to participate in the process of shaping the government. That right is a gift the Founders believed came from God the Creator. We have exactly the kind of elected officials we put into office by our actions. The Bible teaches God governs in the affairs of men. God can veto the results of an election anytime He wishes but there is little evidence in America history that God has ever chosen to do so. Granted, a few vetoes from the Almighty along the way might have saved the nation oa freat deal of grief. The people of americal have the God-ordained right to government based upon the consent of the governed. And like ancient Isreal, we the people are resonsible for the consequences of our collective decision.

Therefore, we cannot blame God if the candidates running ar not to our liking. we cannot blame God if the lesser or the greater of two evils is elected. Gos is not voting this year, next year, or in the years to come. He gave us the right to do that for our selves. In the long term and in the short term we get exactly the kind of government we choose. (pp 58-59)

My thought: God is not a citizen of the USA and therefore not eligible to register and vote. Cute play on words though. Those of us who are citizens ought to cherish the right and opportunity to vote for our representatives. Once elected, we need to continuously communicate with these representatives so they can do just that, REPRESENT. If they don't know what their constituents' thoughts, beliefs, wants, etc., are, how will they make decisions regarding legislation.

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Cliff and Jenny said...

I have read this many times, "God won't vote". Although it is a play on words, it is my responsibility to remember that God lives in me. When I went to the poll that day, God was with me, He guided me, He knew my heart and thoughts, therefore, He voted, right along with me. I prayed that I showed Him clearly in how I chose to voice who the new leader of our great America would be.