Sunday, November 30, 2008

Common Sense 101

I just started reading Common Sense 101/Lessons From GK Chesteron by Dale Ahlquist.

I'll write summary as I go along. In the Preface, Ahlquist questions "How did the world forget such an unforgettable character?"

I agree, I had not heard of GK Chesterton until my apologetics class in graduate school. Our required reading was Baker's Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics which refers to Chesterton numerous times before "C". I was so impressed by the information about Chesterton that I decided to find out who this humerous, witty, intellectual, person that I had never heard of was. I have not been disappointed. I was only dismayed that I had not heard of him sooner and that more of my Christian friends did not know about him also.

Continuing with the summary...Chesterton was a journalist from the early 20th century who wrote hundreds of books and essays about everything, "penned epic poetry but also delighted in detective fiction, that he made everyone laugh, that every who knew him loved him, that he was happily married but unhappily had no children, that he took on all the leading thinkers of his time and challenged them not only on his clear ideas but with the example of his own life..."

Alquist states this book is a look at life through the eyes of Chesteron, a Chestertonian perspective. "Chesteron wrote about everything. An ocean of words poured out of his pen. It is deep, dangerous, it is delightful, it is refreshing, it is full of surprises, it is full of life."

Get ready to swim...

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